SWISS KRONO AG is one of the leading international suppliers and the only Swiss manufacturer of decorative wood materials for interior design, furniture, and shop fittings, as well as laminate flooring.
The company SWISS KRONO is a Swiss group and celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2021.

At the heart of Switzerland.

It was in 1966 when Ernst Kaindl founded the company as “AG für Holzindustrie” in the picturesque Menznau, on the outskirts of Lucerne. In half a century, the commercial location has evolved into a globally significant timber production facility. Whether it’s eco-friendly interior wood materials, furniture and shop fittings, or high-quality laminate flooring, from the heart of Switzerland, SWISS KRONO AG exports its high-quality and sustainable products to more than 90 countries.

Swiss Quality – for over 55 years.

“If it bears the ‘Swiss Made’ label, it must be unmistakably Swiss.”. It is self-evident that SWISS KRONO AG processes as much timber as possible from Swiss forests to produce high-quality wood materials Made in Switzerland – since 1966. Comprising of over 95% Swiss wood, which is processed at the Menznau production site in Lucerne, SWISS KRONO AG proudly uses the “SWISS MADE” seal of quality, which stands for a strong commitment to quality, precision and reliability.

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Swiss Krono

be.yond Swiss Krono is ecofriendly

During production, 90% of the energy sources used are renewable.
Made from Swiss wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.
It saves CO2 and protects the environment.

swiss cdf

To CDF is innovative patent by SwissCDF and is made of solid fiberboard. Made from Swiss wood that originates from sustainable managed forests, SwissCDF is environmentally friendly. It has black-tinted core and an is extremely tough. It offers significant benefits as it has antimicrobial certification and high density exceeding 1000Kg/m³. Is right for spaces where hygiene is required (hospitals, food industries, schools, sports facilities). More…


SWISS KRONO, in collaboration with companies at the forefront of developing materials with antimicrobial properties, has created triple protection on the surfaces of its products against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The coating acts naturally and becomes integrated into the product, it doesn’t lose its effectiveness, and it provides continuous protection throughout the product’s lifetime.
The antimicrobial properties have been tested, verified, and certified by the Hohenstein Institute.