CDF / Compact Density Fibreboard

A new quality standard in the fiberboard industry SWISSCDF - Compact Density Fibreboard

SWISSCDF is made of compact, black-tinted fiber with density above 1,000 kg/m3 and excellent visual impact, specifically addressed to architects and designers. Is made from Swiss wood that originates from sustainably managed forests. It is suitable for places where hygiene is required (hospitals, food industries, schools, sports facilities). Available raw, in a variety of colors and surfaces or veneered.


Dimension: 2800x2070mm

Thickness: 6 – 19.4mm

Thickness: 1000kg/m3

Soundproofing: 23-29db

Certificate: CARB II – E1

Fireproofing: ΕΝ 13501-1

Resistance to scratching: 3,5Ν

Impact resistance: ΕΝ14322


● Easy workability with common woodworking tools.

● The original dimensions it allows many different types of constructions

● Many colors and textures

● Inexpensive compared to competitive products.

● Applicable to the most demanding humid condition.

● 3D processing

● Certificate of antibacterial protection

Waterproof - high resistance to moisture.


Impact resistance

Scratch resistance

Low emissions

Eco Friendly

Easy to clean

Aantibacterial activity




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