A close relationship of trust and collaboration.At Besios Wood, we offer a wide range of high-quality and reliable wood products, thanks to our close collaboration with top companies in the industry.Our companies are selected based on their quality, innovation, and professionalism, and as their exclusive representatives, we can ensure access to the best products in the market and the support of a specialized and welcoming professional environment.Through our long-term collaboration with our suppliers, we have developed a close relationship of trust and interaction, which allows us to stay in close contact and constantly be informed about their new products and services, so that we can offer our customers the best possible solutions. Furthermore, the close relationship we have developed allows us to respond promptly to the needs and demands of our customers, thus providing high-quality services and products that meet their requirements.


SWISS KRONO AG is one of the leading international suppliers and the only Swiss manufacturer of decorative wood materials for interior design, furniture, and shop fittings, as well as laminate flooring.



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FAB was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of living room furniture, dining room furniture, and table bases. Today, the company is recognized at the international level as a manufacturer of units for the entire furnishing sector, serving large home improvement stores, DIY retailers, and the specialized furniture manufacturing industry.



Kronospan is a leading company in the field of wood product manufacturing, such as melamine panels, MDF, laminate flooring, as well as specialized decorative papers and high-quality products. The company operates globally in more than 30 locations, employing over 11,000 people in many countries. Through the use of advanced technologies and continuous innovation, Kronospan has pioneered in the industry and will continue to develop new products.



Cleaf is an Italian company that produces innovative surfaces for furniture industries and interior designers. Melamine panels, laminate, and ABS, which are exclusively manufactured in its factories in the Brianza region, are used worldwide by architects and companies to create inspired living and working spaces.