Copmany Culture

Our company culture relies on creativity, business spirit, the commitment to our customers` needs and our ability to adapt to an ever-changing national setting. We strongly believe in talent, innovation and pioneer thinking, as we have the potential to integrate new ideas in our business functions by pursuing to carry out activities in new technology fields and by encouraging our employees to reach their full potential so that they are able to take advantage of various business opportunities and create value.

In this respect, over the years we have been trading based on transparency, integrity and reliability, following moral entrepreneurial practices. Moreover, we seriously take into account the human factor and seek to build long-term trusting relationships with our customers as well as our suppliers and partners so that everyone involved will have the potential to share the same values and principles.

We always set clear and ambitious objectives we guarantee to accomplish them and we remain heavily committed to finding sustainable solutions to the benefit of the local communities and the environment. In this manner, we have managed to convert corporal social responsibility into everyday business practice in relation to our activities.

At the same time, our intention is to constantly enhance our knowledge in light of progress and innovation and to encourage our employees to take initiatives and pursue self-improvement. Therefore, we can ensure our company`s future stability and development.

The company culture of Besios Wood is based on a set of commonly shared values, principles and beliefs which strengthen the bond among all the people involved in our enterprise.

One of the fundamental drivers of development in Besios Wood is the forming of strategic alliances and partnerships with leading powers in the wood world market and with innovative, “green technology” leaders who have inspired us to improve our services and products, given that we have always tried to put our huge experience to optimal use.

Our mission

οur mission, the marketing of quality and innovative wood products providing reliable and competitive service to the entire network of partners and all our customers.

Our goal is continuous improvement, based on staff specialization, innovation, technology and continuous investment development in order to remain at the forefront of the wood products industry.

Our People

Besios Wood, as one of the most successful import and export Wood Industries in Greece, is comprised of people possessing specialized knowledge and training in the field of wood and who have worked in many different industries and sectors. A working environment characterized by safety, equality, stability and dedication to specific values has been formed by our company.

In Besios Wood we appreciate creativity and we believe in our employees` talent. This is the reason why we prompt them to move forward not only boldly but modestly at the same time, so that it becomes possible for every business opportunity which emerges to be taken advantage of and so that creating value can take place based on every resource which is available.

One of the basic goals for Bessios Wood is for us to operate with a sense of responsibility and consistency to our people and to continue remaining their only choice throughout their career in life. We wish to always stand by them and support actively their professional advancement.


By strongly believing in equal opportunities, Besios Wood has formed a modern working environment which can keep up with the fast pace of the global market and innovative thinking. We also seek to always set and achieve new goals, which is made possible thanks to our commitment to promoting team spirit and effort and rewarding initiative taking. Our company provides people possessing high qualities and professional aspirations with the potential of a prolific career full of success and new challenges. At the same time, we never cease to search for new, promising talents or professionals with expertise and special skills.