We have developed with intense work and dedication to ourselves,
we have paved the way for tomorrow with the strength gained from our past.

With Respect Towards Nature and Humanity

Vario (Yıldız Entegre), which stands out with its entrepreneurial and innovative approach, is one of the 21 largest industrial companies in Turkey. It belongs to the top ten companies in the global wood products industry, with 9 facilities. The Vario (Yıldız Entegre) The company has a total production capacity of 13,975 m3/day on premises exceeding 2,077,000 square meters. It operates based on the principle of ‘respect for nature and humanity’ in all its production facilities. The company produces MDF, melamine-faced MDF, particleboard, melamine-faced particleboard, laminate flooring, etc., in production facilities located in Turkey, Romania, and Slovenia.

International brand with innovative footprint and continuous growth.

The Kartepe facility is a significant achievement for Vario (Yıldız Entegre) as it is the largest integrated MDF production unit in the world. The expansion of its presence in Europe, North Africa, Russia, and America demonstrates its commitment to global growth and expansion. It is evident that Vario (Yıldız Entegre) is a brand that leaves its mark on the international market with its entrepreneurial and innovative approach.

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Innovative Design, High Quality

VARIO‘s commitment to design, innovation, quality, and sustainability is continuous, and that’s why it continues to produce pioneering surface collections. Ideal for a wide range of styles and applications, designed to meet the strictest specifications.

International Sales Network

The expansion of our presence on a global scale, in Europe, North Africa, Russia, and America, highlights our commitment to global growth.

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