Furniture materials are elements of everyday life
that’s why we love and consider having a piece of FAB in every home.

Who we are?

FAB was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of living room furniture, dining room furniture, and table bases. Today, the company is recognized at the international level as a manufacturer of units for the entire furnishing sector, serving large home improvement stores, DIY retailers, and the specialized furniture manufacturing industry.

Our mission

We design and manufacture furniture materials We are always by our customers’ side, providing high-quality products, personalized solutions, high production flexibility, and technological innovation Our work begins with the creation of products and aims for steady growth and improvement, benefiting our company, our partners, and the world we live in.

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Exporting to more than 52 countries worldwide
8 production units
465 specialized and trained employees
+ 400% turnover in the last decade
70.000 square meters. of production space


FAB GREEN is not just a philosophical slogan: it is a specific action plan implemented by the company to ensure its contribution to the preservation of humanity and the environment

The strong bond between the company and the region was what inspired FAB GREEN. The FAB It was founded in an area of great natural beauty and loves to envision itself as ‘a factory immersed in green’: the company’s complex has been developed in absolute harmony with the surrounding nature, in a privileged location that nurtures the heart and spirit of all who work there