We are an Italian company producing innovative surfaces and solutions for furniture and interior design.

Cleaf is Cleaf

Cleaf is an Italian company that produces innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industry. It was founded in 1975 by Luciano Caspani, together with his brother Fausto and his father Agostino, and today, it is a reference point in the industry, offering innovative surfaces and solutions.

The passion for the furniture industry and their entrepreneurial enthusiasm led Luciano Caspani, in the ’90s, to the decision of acquiring a panel production factory, transforming Cleaf from a trading company into a productive one, marking a new era for the facade panels, which until then were used only for the interior parts of the furniture.

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Since 2013, CCube, the corporate exhibition space in the Lissone area, has been the creative heart of Cleaf. A space dedicated to the culture of surfaces: a coordinated product system for furniture and interior design applications. An increasing number of textures and decorative options with multiple aesthetic and visual effects.

Like a bar, the installation “LIKE A BAR,” designed by Audo Architects for 2023, aims to emphasize the power of surfaces in defining furniture and interior spaces without altering the forms. The theme of the bar was chosen because it is one of the areas where interior designers are called to experiment with innovative forms and materials to create an unforgettable hospitality and socializing experience. A pure white bar welcomes the visitor, like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with textures and colors. In the four spaces of CCube, four bars with the same layout and four different material combinations showcase the unique feature of surfaces: adaptability.

– Luciano Caspani –

“I always admire the most talented and accomplished individuals who surpass me. Some have achieved more, while others have reached much higher than I have. However, overall, I am very satisfied with what I have accomplished. Cleaf has carved out its own unique space and is now a stable company, remaining a family business at the same time. Cleaf is a collaborative factory that always aims for excellence, a place where people work well together and continue to dream.”